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2018 Winter School on Complexity Science @ NTU, Singapore

Good bye shoot after the last session :)

At long last, hello again! A wonderful workshop has just been ended up! It was a big pleasure for me to be a participant in the Winter School on Complexity Science, 2018 at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Although the word of "Winter School" is a bit weird for Singapore's climate conditions ( :P ), the Complexity Institute @ NTU organized a fascinating workshop. I always keep my interest to the complexity science, which is known as the science of modern era, but I could not find an opportunity to go deeper in the complexity studies, up to now. However, this workshop has brought a crucial opportunity, and it was really useful for me. I have listened different complexity studies, approaches, etc. from different perspectives, hence I believe that my interdisciplinary perspective increased sufficiently in the winter school. Though the complexity studies generally focus on the biology, sociology, artificial intelligence, finance, etc., I think the energy markets can also be a good area for the applications of the complexity applications. My major interest was the application of NetworkX, that is a very helpful software for the complexity solutions, and the shared knowledge on the NetworkX was definitely sufficient for the beginners! I cordially thank all the organizers, staff, and the participants of the Winter School 2018. Wish to apply NetworkX on my original applications! Below, you can find some photos from the workshop. See you again!

It's OK, It's all right 😎

Welcome shoot!

With my dear friend, Eze, (did a very well presentation about his research!)

Dr. Geoffrey West (did a legendary presentation)/Sante Fe Institue

Thanks for all the things!

Note: Strong thanks go to Dr. Michael Lees for the images 1,2,5-7 !

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