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International Conference on Materials & Energy (ICOME 2022), Baku, Azerbaijan

Hej! After another long break, here is the latest update on our recent research entitled "High-temperature cooling via metal 3D-printed cold plates for battery thermal management"! The study was presented in the latest conference of the International Conference on Materials & Energy (ICOME) conference series in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The study aimed to develop a new 3D-printed cold plate for indirect liquid cooling applications, particularly for batteries. The newly-developed plate presented flexible design options for water flow in the cooling cavity; hereby, cooling time investigations were performed under "high-temperature cooling" conditions, which were above 25 C. The plate was printed in one of the Selective Laser Melting (SLM) machines in the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing and the powder material was SS316L.

The full paper version of the presented work will be available on my ResearchGate page soon.


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