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10th International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Processes (ICMEP 2021)

Hi! Today, on behalf of our research team, I have presented one of our recent studies, Multiobjective Optimization of 3D-printed Injection Molds via Hybrid Latin Hypercube Sampling-Delaunay Triangulation Approach, in the afternoon session of the 10th International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Processes (ICMEP 2021). Even tough the conference was virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were in a very nice and active discussion environment. I appreciate the organization staff! In the study, we presented a 3D-printed plastic injection mold with a complex conformal cooling channel structure physically defined by eight different design variables, which make the designed model a high-dimensional engineering problem. Since the traditional approaches mean huge computational cost & time for the defined high-dimensional problem, we have proposed combined Latin Hypercube Sampling and Delanuay Triangulation technique in the MATLAB environment. The results were promising and showed us that we can create a reliable search & optimization space for a high-dimensional engineering problem by using small number of computational simulations that simply means: low computation time & cost.

The presented paper has not been published in the Scopus or Web of Science environment for now, but it can be followed in my ResearchGate page (I will upload the file). Thanks for your interests!


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