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14th International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer, 4-8 Sept, Dusseldorf, Germany

Gala Dinner @ Maxhaus, where Franz Grashof was born (thanks Prof. Benim for this nice information and selecting this place as the GD venue of the conference :) ).

I had a very nice week of two-phase and single-phase solvers in the computational environment thanks to the very well-organized event, 14th International Conference on Computational Heat and Mass Transfer in Dusseldorf, Germany. The conference was held in the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (HSD). The program was efficient with very well-managed timeslots so we did not only attend to the conference but also had a time to see nice views of the city. Even though the main core of the conference was computational studies, it was great to see the experimental verification studies of some approaches. From molecular-level to the system-level, I had a chance to see many different computational approaches in thermal engineering.

Besides the parallel sessions, the keynote sessions were also impressive. I had a chance to participate 5 of 6 keynotes; all of them were very well-prepared and presented without confusing the audience. Speakers did not only project "fancy" CFD pictures but also went in detail for physical meanings, fundamentals, and experimental validation. Short summary on the keynotes can still be seen in the conference website. Below, you can see one image from Prof. Eastwick's presentation. I was lucky to have a great angle to take this picture. Unfortunately, my angle was not that good to catch nice pictures from other keynote speakers' presentations.

Prof. Dr. Carol Eastwick's talk on multiphase heat transfer modelling.

As a part of our work package in the current project, I presented the CFD simulations of two-phase R-744 ejectors with supercritical inlet conditions (from the motive inlet) following our very recent presentation in the ICR23. While my study was including the homogeneous equilibrium model-based approach, most of the presented works (not ejector studies) at the conference were mostly Eulerian- or VOF-based models. I also chaired a morning session on Wednesday; no doubt that I learned a lot about the time management :)

At the end, it was a fruitful week of discussions, networking, and learning. I was able to catch up time with Prof. El-Ganaoui, Prof. Bennacer, and Prof. Mohamad. Thanks for the nice conversations! Plus, it was nice to meet with Prof. De Lemos during the conference. Last but definitely not least, I had a chance to meet and have a small conversation with Prof. Sylvie Lorente. Her thoughts are going to be very useful for my near future research direction, particularly for battery thermal management.

I would like to thank Prof. Benim and all local organizing committee members for this compact and well-organized event. The members of local organizing committee did their best and created a great and warm environment for everyone. Everything was well-planned, thanks!

with Prof. Benim

with Prof. Lorente

with Prof. El-Ganaoui and Prof. Mohamad

with Prof. El-Ganaoui, Prof. De Lemos, and Prof. Bennacer

with Prof. Wang


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