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World Engineers Summit – Applied Energy Symposium & Forum: Low Carbon Cities & Urban Energy

Hello everyone. We were at the Applied Energy Symposium and Forum: Low Carbon Cities and Urban Energy Joint Conference (CUE 2017) which was co-organized by the World Engineers Summit in Suntec Singapore... The conference had VIP from all areas of Energy, and two papers were presented by our group. First one belonged to my dear group friend, Qin Zhen, and then I presented my research in the symposium.

Apart from our previous publications, we tried to constitute a quasi-steady state model for the small scale LNG cold utilization systems. An accurate quasi-steady state model can be a wonderful interstep between the steady and fully dynamic models. Thus, we went there with our quasi-steady state idea, and present it to the well-qualified experts, engineers, academics and Ph.D. students. Below, you can find some photos.

Cheers :)

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