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8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS 2017) at UNESCAP

Warmly greetings. I have just arrived to Singapore after a wonderful journey in Bangkok, Thailand. We were at the University Scholars Leadership Symposium which was designed for the young generation of the world. The symposium was organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and the Humanitarian Affairs. I and 9 more Ph.D. students from IGS/NTU were there as fully funded delegates. From all around the worlds, nearly 1000 bachelor, master and doctorate students attended to the symposium.

UNDP has "Sustainable Development Goals" to have a better world. In this concept, I was interested in the clean and affordable energy goals of the world. I was in the small group who discussed about the clean energy and water technologies by considering the energy and water demands of the least developed countries. For the other sustainable development goals, the website can be found here.

Each group attended to the service day activity. As clean energy group, we firstly arrived to Thammasat University Rangsit Campus. The smart energy group made a brief presentation about the sustainable energy studies in the university for the future of Thailand. After that, as an service day activity, we had bike riding from the university to a Thai village in the rural area. It was definitely wonderful moments to bike in the Thai farms. After 10 km journey with our bikes ( ! :) ! ), we arrived to the village, and started to the renovation works in a primary school of the village.

That was an extraordinary journey for me, and I think I will never forget the moments there (also I know that I wont forget the impact of green chili in Thailand :) )

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