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2nd International Conference on Green Energy and Applications @NTU One-North, Singapore

Q&A on the efficiency of microturbines

After an intensive weekend in the last weeks of March, hello from ICGEA 2018! Like the previous ICGEA 2017, ICGEA 2018 has been organized in Singapore, and we have presented one of our studies. We have been conducting studying on the smal-scale LNG cold utilization systems for the last 3 years. Up to now, different system designs were proposed under our project. In ICGEA 2018, I have presented a multiobjective thermoeconomic optimization study for one of our novel designs. I am happy to get many questions from the listeners, and I believe that the asked questions and the given reponses will improve both sides in the future studies. It was a big

pleasure to be in ICGEA organization again, and I hope to see another ICGEA next year :) Some of the taken photos can be found in this blog, strong thanks to the staff for their shoots.

Q&A on LNG supply chain

Q&A on multiobjective optimization

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