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5th Singapore Sustainability Symposium (S3 Symposium) @ Grand Hyatt Singapore

Technology & Innovation Session on 3rd May

It is a pleasure to say "Hello" after attending the 5th Singapore Sustainability Symposium ! The concept of sustainability is a very well-known and significant fact for the Rebuplic of Singapore. The high population density, energy consumption density, lack of natural energy sources, importance of marine life, etc. make the sustainability a vital issue for the next generation. For this purpose, NTU has just organized the 5th Sustainability Symposium between 2-4 May 2018, and I took my seat in the symposium as one of the selected Ph.D. Candidates. The symposium has gathered different experts in the sustainability research from global academic institutions, top gun companies, and non-profit organizations. The guest of honour was the Minister of Finance, Mr. Heng Swee Keat in the symposium. He pointed out the importance of the sustainability perspectives on the local and global economic aspects. Also, the President of NTU, Dr. Subra Suresh represented the world-class sustainability studies in NTU.

From my viewpoint, it was really excellent to see the interest of industrial experts on the sustainability research. Their interests make possible to invest in sustainability research for the academic works. By this way, the new matters of sustainability are able to be developed in the universities for the progress of social community.

Talk by the Minister

Talk by the NTU President

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