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UNLEASH 2018 Innovation Lab @Singapore

Energy Efficiency Team of UNLEASH 2018

Roundly one month later, I can upload UNLEASH event to my blog due to my intensive work schedule! Anyway, I have been having great experiences in every event that I participated for the last 3-4 months, hence of course I am not complaining!

UNLEASH... What a great pleasure for me to be in as one of the selected talents... UNLEASH is a really challenging innovation lab for the people who care the sustainable development. Yes, UNLEASH aims to creat awareness for the UN Sustainable Development Goals that have 17 different areas. They are connected to one another thanks to the interdisciplinary research and approaches. Thus, it requires a strong team work to handle the real problems! I can obviously say that I learned many things during the event. I was in the team of Energy Doctors that focused on the energy efficiency solutions for the South African SMEs with the innovative sustainable energy-related business models. In this point, I would like to thank my team mates one by one! One of the significant thanks goes to Morten, our facilitator. He had amazing performance during the event. More details about UNLEASH can be found in the following link:

Here some photos from our activities! (By the way, in one of the photos below, you see Sophia, the most celebrated robot in our earth, I can clearly say that she is more than a robot. She is not a robot, she is something like, something like, something like, hmmm.... anyway... :) )

Energy Doctors (loading... :) )

Energy Doctors (completed :) )


Clean Energy Rocks ...

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