8th Asia Conference on Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ACMME 2020)

Hello! During this tough COVID19 period, we attended the 8th Asia Conference on Mechanical and Materials Engineering (ACMME 2020) with one of our latest research works, Computational Thermal and Mechanical Assessments of Conformal Cooling Channel Design in Plastic Injection Molding. It was an online conference in the Zoom environment due to the COVID19 situations. The study aimed to improve the cooling performance of the plastic injection molding process by using the 3D-printed channel designs. We investigated the thermal and mechanical performances of the proposed conformal cooling channels according to the cooling time, temperature non-uniformity, pressure drop, and the fatigue life.

We are also happy to win the Best Presentation Award in or session!


i) The conference paper version of the study is available on my ResearchGate profile, please see the following link:


ii) The extended version of our conference work has just been published by the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, please see the following link: