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26th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR 2023), 21-25 August, Paris, France

Opening (credit: Rikke)

Hello! We have just been back from the ICR 2023, Paris, France. It is my first time to be a participant in the ICR series and hope to catch the next one before my pension as it is a kind of Olympics - every 4 years. While the conference period is already quite long (5 days), the lack of coffee for coffee breaks made the conference moments longer than expected; however, the very nice weather in Paris and being there with colleagues from the same section brought nice moments.

Results and Discussion (credit: Rikke)

I presented one of our CFD efforts in the ongoing project, FORCO2. The main focus of the study was CFD simulations of two-phase CO2 ejectors with the liquid CO2 inlet conditions from the motive side. In addition to the brief info about the project, model, method, and the explanation of the results; encountered challenges and the possible reasons were also mentioned. I think the full paper version of our study will be released soon on the IIR website. I will try to make it open-access once it is published on the website.

Q & A session (credit: Rikke)

In general, I found a chance to meet with expert profiles in the areas of CO2 heat pump & refrigeration and experimental heat transfer (especially in frosting & defrosting phenomena). New people, a nice environment, great weather, feeding pigeons, and a good presentation made my first ICR journey better than expected :) Below, are some nice moments; 1) Gala Dinner and 2) nice colleagues and the best PhD students of the Thermal Energy Section.

With Jóhannes, just after the presentation

Gala Dinner (credit: Matteo)

R to L: Joaquín, Baris, Martin, and Rikke (credit: Joaquín)

Me and some fans (credit: Rikke)


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