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5th International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Technologies (SpliTech 2020)

A warm hello from this tough COVID-19 period! This year, we, unfortunately, have to virtually attend the previously organized conferences and the 5th SpliTech was one of them. Apart from my previous conference experiences, I can say that SpliTech 2020 had a wide research community from energy to environment, AI, and other emerging technologies so that listening them was very insightful for me. In the conference, I presented two different studies on behalf of Prof. Duan's research group and some details can be seen below.

The first study was "Transient transition of high speed and high- frequency ethanol droplet train impingement on the heated indium tin oxide (ITO) surface", which aims to better understand the evaporation phenomena of the ethanol on the ITO surface by applying the droplet train impingement method. We performed the experiments in the temperature range of 80 to 230 degree Celsius (C) and we observed the Leidenfrost effect below the temperature value of 230 C.

This study can be found in the following link:

The second work was "Neural network-integrated multiobjective optimization of the 3D-printed conformal cooling channels". Unlike the first study that was a micro-scale thermal engineering work, the second study was a system-scale conformal cooling study for the new-developed 3D-printed cooling channels in plastic injection molding process. Due to the felixibility of 3D printing operations, the cooling channel structures can become complex or hard-to-follow. Thus, to evaluate their thermal (cooling) performance in a short-time period, we presented a simple neural network structure that can be fed by the CFD simulations or real-scale experiments; and then, the multiobjective optimization can be done in the MATLAB environment.

This study can also be found in the following link:

Thanks for reading this short research note. I hope to share good news without a requirement of a virtual meeting!


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