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Langmuir Journal Cover Article

Hello! I am very happy to announce that our recent work, Transient Prediction of Nanoparticle-Laden Droplet Drying Patterns through Dynamic Mode Decomposition, has been published in Langmuir Journal as one of the selected cover articles!

In this study, we believe that a crucial novelty is brought into the sessile and particle-laden droplet evaporation studies. The droplet drying phenomenon touches on a broad area in engineering applications from additive manufacturing to bioengineering, thermal management, food technology. Therefore, apart from its in-situ observations, data-driven performance predictions can be significantly useful for potential solutions (fault detection, process optimization, etc.). The current literature has already had a very limited number of works related to the transient prediction of the drying process, and all the studies are based on neural network techniques. In the current work, instead of using neural networks, we perform dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) for extrapolative prediction purpose. More details can be seen via this link. Below, I present three Supporting Information Videos that belong to three different nanoparticle-laden droplet scenarios.

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